N N Pisharody

N N Pisharody , born 1926 , was a legendary director in the Malayalam Film industry. He was born into  ‘Kallil’ Pisharam in Methala to Kallil Kunchi Pisharasiar & Narayana Pisharody, near Perumbavoor in Kerala. He completed his schooling in Paravoor and then was graduated in Economics from Serhampur, Bengal. He was an avid reader always and appreciated the nuances of literature. His first short story was published in the weekly ‘Prasanna Keralam’ from Kottayam when he was studying in high school. Since then, his stories have regularly appeared in many weeklies.

One of his first of his short stories, “Kurudante Makal” was published in the weekly Prasanna Keralam from Kottayam, when he was studying in high school. From then on, his stories had appeared regularly in many of the weeklies.

The deceased editor of Kaumudi, K Balakrishnan lead him to writing novels; the first one named ‘Kure Swapnangal Kure Vanambadigal’ (Lot of dreams, Lot of nightingales) was published in Kaumudi weekly. Later on most of the magazines like Janayugam, Navayugam, Keralashabdam, Chithrapournnami, Express (Weekly), Mathrubhoomi (Weekly) frequently published his novels. During his career, he wrote 17 novels,of which 8 have been printed as books. One of the novels ‘Vellam’ (Water) has even inspired a movie.

He took a break from writing to try his hand in the film industry where he found a new platform to tell his stories. His long association with film industry lasted 30 years. Starting as an assistant director for Tamil – Telugu movies in Newton Studios, he later distinguished himself as a producer, director and scriptwriter. His directorial debut, ‘Ninamaninja Kalpadugal’, which portrays the trials the Indo-China war, won 4 awards including the President’s Silver medal for best regional film, and the award for ‘The Best Director’. He directed about 6 movies(Muthu, Raging, Mulkkireedam, Ammu, Ninamaninja Kalppadukal) and produced 2 movies(Mulkkireedam & Vellam) on his own. He wrote the screen play and directed 4 episodes of ‘Aithihyamala’ for Doordarshan. He also directed a tele-film titled ‘Kudajadri’.

Recently he took up writing again for the Mathrubhoomi weekly – a story titled ‘Aandal Puram Pogum Vazhi’ (Enroute to Aandal Puram). Shree Books, Aluwa has published this story as a book. He also wrote the screen play for about 40 dramatic plays for Aakashavani Thrissoor. He wrote screenplays for the following too – ‘Hiranya Garbham’, ‘Sarppa Sathram’, ‘Ivideyo Naalathe Sooryodayam’, ‘Vishathan Kaavilinnarattu’ – each of these plays were meant for various art groups. He died on 30 August 2008 at the age of 82.


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