Arangot Shekhara Pisharody

A.S.Pisharody ( Arangot Shekhara Pisharody) was the former Editor of Thulaseedalam , the in-house magazine of Pisharody Community. He was born in 1911 to Arangot Parukutty Pisharassiar and Karuvambarath Vazhangamburath Achutha Pisharody.

While working as a teacher in various high schools in Malabar region he passed Malayalam Vidwaan exam and was appointed as a teacher in Perinthalmanna Board High School. He had strived hard to bring out the hidden arts and cultural talent in his students. He was well conservant in Sanskrit language apart from English and Hindi. He had also worked with Kottakkal PSV Nattyasangham. He was also an Artist.
At the age of 22 he married Cherukara Subhadra Pisharassiar and after her untimely death married Sreedevi Pisharassiar. Dr.C.K.Unni, former President of Pisharody Samajam, was his Son.

A.S..Pisharody was also associated with Vaishnava Samajam and also on the Editorial Board of Yuvachaitanyam magazine.
In 1990, when Pisharody Samajam’s in-house magazine Thulaseedalam was on the verge of closure , he took over the mantle and through sheer hard work brought the magazine to what it is today.

As he was an authority on our ancient cultures and traditions he made a valuable contribution in compiling and publushing our Chadangu Grantham – a reference guide about our traditions and practices.
He left this world on 8th May 1996.


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