About us

Pisharody Samajam is a social organisation run by Pisharodies, which is engaged in the uplifting of down trodden. Samajam has played a vital role in rendering financial and other helps to the deserving for the last 44 years. Samajam has it’s headquarters in it’s own two storied building with a good conference hall on the Karthyayani Temple road, Udayanagar, Ayyanthole, Thrissur with branches in Kerala and outside. All Pisharodies who completed the age 18 can take the membership of Pisharody samajam.

Samajam brings out a Magazine namely ‘Thulaseedalam’ to disseminate information on the members’ activities as well as encourage literary output.

The first president of Samajam was K.P.K.Pisharody, Kottayam after him Vijayapurath Bharatha Pisharody, Dr. S.K Pisharody, A.P.K. Pisharody, Dr. C.K.Unni, P.R. Pisharody,  Dr. V.P. Gopinathan,  T. Bharatha Pisharody, K P Balakrishnan, A P Vasudevan ,  K P Achukutty, K.A. Pisharody and V P Balakrishnan were the presidents of the samajam in serial order. Similarly K.A.Pisharody, K.P.Chakrapani, C.R. Pisharody, P. Muralidharan, V.P. Sukumaran,  K. P. Balakrishnan, K A Pisharody, V P Sukumaran,  C P Achuthan, V P Peethambaran and V P Sukumaran were the General Secretaries of the Samajam.

Currently the Governing Council is headed by Sri. A Ramachandra Pisharody(President) and Sri. K P Harikrishnan(Gen. Secretary)

Here is the complete list of present office bearers of Pisharody Samajam

A Ramachandra Pisharody, President
K P Harikrishnan, Gen Secretary

Vice Presidents

K P Ramachandra Pisharody
M P Surendran

Joint Secretaries

A P Unnikrishnan
K P Ravi


A Krishnadasan

Committee Members

C P Balakrishna Pisharody
K P Gopakumar
P Mohanan
V P Madhu
K P Murali

V P Balakrishnan
M P Bharathan
Ranjini Gopi

Web Admin

V P Muraleedharan


For convenience, the Samajam is divided into four regions and four organisers were nominated to assist the branches coming under each regions.