No. of Members
Patron K P Achunni Pisharody. Rugmini Niwas, Kottasseri, Cheraya-678631. Mob: 9526367828
K P Gopala Pisharody, Sadgamaya, Killikkurissimangalam, Lakkidi PO-679301. Mob: 9847336311
President K P Prabhakaran, Prashantham, Nagarippuram, Palakkad-678642. Mob: 9744647890
Vice-President R Suresh Kumar, Sreelakshmi, Karakkurussi Mob: 9447962421
T P Achuthanandan, Sopanam, Cheraya PO, Kongad – 678595. Mob: 9447532577
Secretary K P Geetha. Rachana, Anupurath, Mundoor PO, Palakkad-678592. Mob: 9495450820
Jt. Secretary Maya Babu, Ashwathi, Mundoor PO, Palakkad-678592. Mob: 9446833376
Treasurer K P Chandrasekharan, Bhamamandiram, Mundoor PO, Palakkad-678592. Mob: 9847094829
Committee Members K P Ramachandra Pisharody, “ Sreeragam”, Po Kalluvazhi, Thiruvazhiyode-679514 Mob: 9496176716
M P Haridasan, Harishree, Ummanazhi. Mob: 9349419761
P P Narayanankutty, Sandeep Niwas, Pulappatta PO – 678632. Mob: 9485497205
V P Harish, Govindam, Kongad PO-678631. Mob: 9495242442
Sudeep M G, Empees, Moochithara, Pulappata PO-678632. Mob: 9744433323
M P Ushadevi, Sandeep Niwas, PO Pulapatta, Palakkad – 678 632. Mob: 08129471684
C P Radha, Mundayil Pisharam, Kongad PO-678631. Mob: 9995083742
Latha Babu, Vrindavanam, Govindapuram, Perimbadari PO-678762. Mob: 7025840993
K P Govindan, Ashirvad, Kalluvazhi PO, Thiruvazhiyod – 679514. Mob: 9495701560
M P Radhika, Sadgamaya, Killikkurussimangalam, Lakkidi PO-679301. Mob: 9744095571
V P Radhalakshmi, Vandana, Punchappadam PO, Palakkad-678634. Mob: 8078299769
M A  Maya, Madhathil Pisharam, Mannampatta PO, Palakkad-678633. Mob: 8547460853
Samajam Office Manager: K P Anilkrishnan, Kavil Pisharam, Kongad PO, Palakkad-678631. Mob: 9847933899

Kongad unit is the first among Pisharody Samajam units to acquire it’s own building. It is one of the biggest units of the samajam which covers 2 Municipalities and 22 Panchayaths. It’s headquarters is at Kongad, on the Palakkad – Cherppulassery bus route. In this unit, there are 250 members in Pisharody Samajam, 90 members in the Pisharody Educational & Welfare Society and 140 ‘ Thulaseedalam ‘ subscribers. The ” Thulasi Award ” at the central level for short story is being sponsored by this unit. The other main features are:

  • Merit awards for 1st, IInd and IIIrd in SSLC are distributting from Sakha itself.
  • Merit award for PLUS TWO sponsored by late Smt KP Parvathy Pisharasiar, Kadambur.
  • Degree award sponsored by Dr Late Shri Rama Pisharody, Keralasseri.
  • Educational aids for financially weaker students sponsored by Shri AP Janardhanan and also Shri Gopala Pisharody K P in memory of Shri MP Narayana Pisharody, Kongad.
  • Sakha used to release Telephone Directory for every Ten years from 1990 onwards and as on now, total of Four Directory released.
  • Sakha used to felicitate, every year in its annual celebration, great personalities in the field of teaching, literature, art, and cultural talents.
The unique service rendered by this unit is conducting  obsequies(Pindam) and annual death anniversary rites for our community. This facility has helped so many members, not only in Kongad and nearby places, but from other districts and  centers out of Kerala also. Those who want this service may please contact Sakha Building Office Manager ( Address above). The samajam lets out it’s building and hall to the public as well as to the Pisharodies. Kongad unit used to conduct classes on the basis of our “rites book “to educate members about our rites.

Shining Star from Kongad

K P Nandakumar
Ottappalam Hari
Kalanilayam Anilkumar (Kathakali )