Kalamandalam Vasu Pisharody

A well known Kathakali artist, expertise is in the characters like Nalan (‘Pacha’) and Bahukan (‘Pacha’) in ‘Nalacharitham’, Ravanan (‘Kathi’) in ‘Udbhavam’ and ‘Bali Vijayam’, Keechakan (‘Kathi’) in ‘Keechaka Vadham’, Narakasuran (‘Kathi’) in ‘Narakasura Vadham’, Brahmanan (‘Minukku’) in ‘Santhanagopalam’, and Prasuraman (‘Minukku’) etc.

Kalamandalam Vasu Pisharody was born on 12th Jan, 1943 in Palakkad District. His father was T.P.Rakhava Pisharody and mother was M.P.Lakshmikutti Pisharasyar. His primary education is upto 7th.

He learned Kathakali after his 7th in Kerala Kalalayam, Ottapalam under Kalamandalam Balakrishnan Nair for 1 year. Later he joined P.S.V. Natyasangham for 3 years and in Kerala Kalamandalam for 6 years under Padmasree Vazhenkada Kunchu Nair. Has practised also under Ramankutty Nair and Padmanabhan Nair from Kerala Kalamandalam. He continued his education for 2 years there with the Scholarship of Central Govt. He finished his studies in 1969 and worked there as teacher in temporary post till 1979. During that time he worked also in the ‘Kalaries’ managed by Guruvayoor Kathakali Club as teacher. From 1979 to 1999 he worked as teacher and Head of the Department of Kathakali Vesham, in Kerala Kalamandalam and retired on 1999 March.

Vasu Pisharody is a winner of the prestigious Central Sangeet Natak Akademi award.

He has also received Veerashrinkhala from Kongad and Awards from several Kathakali clubs. Kerala Kalamandalam Award in 1998. Fellowship from Central Human Resources Development Ministry. Kerala Sangeet Natak Akademi Award. Kerala Kalamandalam Fellowship. Shri Pattikkamthodi Puraskar – Kerala Kalamandalam. Shri Pattikkamthodi Puraskar – Gandhi Seva Sadan. Olappamanna Devi Puraskar. Kalamandalam Krishnan Kutty Podhuval Puraskar. Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair Kalyanikkuty Amma Puraskar. Puraskar from “Sarggam” Kongad.

Has authored a book named “Ranga Naishadahm” on Kathakali.

Wife P.Sbhadra

Children: Sreekala,  Unnikrishnan

Vasu Pisharody expired on 30-11-2022.


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