“The Plastic Monster” by Ananya Satish Pisharody

Ananya Satish Pisharody, who holds the record of ‘The Youngest Child in India’ to draw 900 sketches in a record time of only 9 months which helped her enter into ‘India Book of Records’ and  also entered into the ‘Genius Book of Records and Wonder Book of Records’ for her ‘Warli Art’ paintings is now stepping into the world of writing.

Ananya has been always pursuing her first love for reading and writing and now steps into the world of writing by sharing her thoughts at the tender age of ten. This book is her maiden work in writing through which she enters the world of imagination as an author.

Ananya, who hails from Gandhinagar in Gujarat has been an avid reader from her early childhood. She loves the world of stories and devours pages after pages incessantly. She herself is an enthusiastic storyteller and now, she has started to pen down her ideas in black and white. But the story doesn’t end here. She has a multifaceted personality. Be it story writing, dancing, playing piano or painting, she has a penchant to excel in everything she does. She is a passionate artist and has been awarded at the national level.

The Plastic Monster

A brave, young girl Sail and her animal friends have a brawl with the plastic monster to free the forest from his clutches and bring back the beauty and freedom of the forest. Will they be able to defeat the Plastic Monster? Will the courage and intelligence of Sail save the forest from the Plastic Monster? Be the part of the adventure and feel the trill!

To buy the book, please click here. https://notionpress.com/read/the-plastic-monster

She is daughter of Panangattukara Pisharath Satish Pisharody & Shukapurath Pisharath Geetha Satish Pisharody.



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