Mundur Krishnankutty

Well known short story writer. Recipient of ‘Cherukad Award’ in 1996 for his famous work ‘Nilapisuckulla Rathriyil’ , ‘Sahitya Academy Award’ in 1997 for ‘Aswasathinte Manthracharadu’ and ‘Odakkuzhal Award’ for ‘Enne Veruthe Vittalum’.

Born on 17th July 1935 , son of Mundur Anupurath Pisharath Madhavi Pisharasiar and M P Govinda Pisharody, he secured M A in English Literature and then passed B. Ed. He started writing during his college days and got his works published in all leading malayalam magazines. Widely appreciated for the vivid portrayal of rural life, had penned one novel and innumerable short stories. His stories are renowned for their realistic portrayal of life in Palakkad villages, focusing on the transformational crisis of an agrarian society

For a long period he was a tutor and principal at Teachers Training institute.  Of late, Krishnakutty had acted in many Malayalam TV serials and was appreciated for his performances.

Wife: Karalam Kainila Pisharath Late Radha Pisharasiar. He passed away on 4th June 2005.


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