Manakkulangara Kizhakke Pisharam

Manakkulangara Kizhakke Pisharam situated in Pulappatta Village (6 kms. From Kongad) near Manakkulangara  Vishnu Temple is more than 100 years old.  The inhabitant of the Pisharam was (Late) Janaki Pisharassiar and her family.  This Pisharam is now being occupied and maintained by M.P.Govindan, one of her sons and his family.  The successors (children, grandchildren and their families) of Janaki Pisharassiar, who are now settled in different parts of the Globe have come together and formed a Kudumba Sangamam by name `Dharbha Shringam’, when they joined for the Inaugural Get Together at Harishree, the Residence of M.P.Haridasan (Son of late Janaki Pisharassiar) in Pulappatta on 25.12.2010. 

The 1st Anniversary of this gathering of reunion was grandly celebrated at `Sandeep Nivas’, the residence of M.P.Ushadevi (daughter of late Janaki Pisharassiar) in Pulappatta on 15.08.2011 with a variety of cultural and entertainment programmes alongwith reminiscences from the elder members of the family about the History of the Pisharam, their Tharavadu and also history about the birth of the Pisharody Community.

It was felt by all the members who participated in this grand event that in an era where everyone has settled into nuclear families coming out of their Joint Family System, it has become very utmost and essential that such Kudumba Sangamams are held atleast once in every year.  This helps each and every family member to know each other in detail and develop an attitude for  love, co-operation and mutual bonding within the family members.  It was also felt that it will be helpful for the upcoming generations to develop an emotional bonding with the family members, which will be motivational to them for their career and character development.

The young generation in the family have also come forward and formed a Group `Dharbha Shringam’ in Facebook, through which the members of the family could share their views and experiences every day and come more closer with each other.


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