Bheemanad Pisharam

The Bheemanad Pisharam  is situated at  Bheemanad Village near Mannarkkad, Palakkad Dt. The Bheemanad Pisharam family has been in Bheemanad for around 180 years. The family has its roots in Trikkoor in Thrissoor district in Kerala, and is believed to have migrated to Bheemanad to work in the temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu in Bheemanad. To help them settle down in Bheemanad, our ancestors were granted a plot of land adjacent to the temple, where our ancestral house remains to this day. Generations of our family have worked in this temple. The family presently includes four branches: (1) Govinda Pisharody, based in Lakshmi Nilayam, Bheemanad, (2) Manoharan Pisharody, based in Ottappalam, (3) Chandran Pisharody, based in Cochin, and (4) Thankam and Unnikrishnan, based in Cochin and Bheemanad. . We have a website that contains a lot of information on our family members, origin, location, address, and contact details


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