Krishna Pisharody

Kalloor Veettil Krishna Pisharody (98) expired today, 20.04.2023 at Kovoor, Kannur.

Wife: T V Rugmini Amma
Children: T V Haridasan (Nagpur), T V Maniprasad (Mumbai)

In laws: Sudhadevi K P, Asha Maniprasad

Cremation will be done at Cherukunnu tomorrow, 21.04.2023 at Cherukunnu at 4.00 PM.


8 thoughts on “Krishna Pisharody

  1. Kindly accept our condolences. May god give enough strength to bear the irreparable losses. May his soul rest in peace.

  2. ആദരാഞ്ജലികൾ, പരേതന്റ ആത്മാവിന് നിത്യ ശാന്തി നേരുന്നു.

  3. May your father’s soul reach to the supreme power.let God give you and your family courage to face this grief.


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