Prof. P.R.Pisharody

A great Meteorologist of international repute and was widely acknowledged as the one who introduced remote sensing in India. Recipient of Padmasri in 1970 and Gold medal from World Metrological Organization in 1989. He was disciple of Prof C V Raman. Author of  X-Ray, Monsoon and Biography of Dr. C V Raman. He was the founder director of Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, National Physical Research Laboratory-Ahmedabad, National Remote Sensing Agency.

Born on 10th February 1909 to Kollankott Perum Trikkovil Pisharath Lakshmi Pisharasiar and Gopala Vadhyar, he  completed his early education in Kerala. Having done his Physics BA honours from St. Joseph’s College, Trichinopoly, Madras state, he went on to do his MA (Physics) from Madras University. He then proceeded to work as a college lecturer in Physics at Chennai during 1932-1941. During the summer vacations he used to work under Prof. C. V. Raman at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. On being recommended by Raman, Pisharoty joined the India Meteorological Department in 1942. There he carried out research on thunderstorms, western disturbances, movement of monsoon depressions, orographic rain, etc. He then joined the University of California for further studies where he worked under renowned meteorologist Jacob Bjerknes. His published two reports titled Some aspects of geostrophic poleward sensible heat and The kinetic energy of the atmosphere. He obtained his MS (in Meteorology) and PhD degrees by 1954.


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