Kalluvazhi Govinda Pisharody

Kalluvazhi Govinda Pisharody was an exponent of Kathakali Art form both in its traditional learning and also in stage performance. Started learning Kathakali at a very young age of 10 and went up the ladder performing various child roles, culminating in performng lead roles by the time he reached 18. He was a favourite of Poomully and Mappaat Mana who were highy supportive in encouraging and making various traditional art forms popular. He attained huge popularity in his role of Bhima in “Bhaga vadham” and “Kalyana sougandhikam” and role of Duryodhana in “Uttara swayamvaram”. Famed Art lover Mappad Purushottaman Namboodirippad presented a beautiful Crown and Kathakali attire to Govinda Pisharody which he could use in his performances. At the age of 36 tragedy struck him in the form of incurable serious eye ailment which prevented from further performance on stage.

Although he had to quit stage performances at a prime time, he excelled in imparting his knowledge and skill to his desciples.
Famous Kathakali artistes Vazhengada Kunju Nair, Kottayathu Thamburan and Thrivikramapurath Rama Pisharody were some of his distinguished desciples.


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