Kallekkulangara Raghava Pisharody

The most popular Aattakatha “Ravanolbhavam” was written by the litterateur Kallekkulangara Raghava Pisharody. He resided at Andam Pisharam, near Kallekkulangara Bhagavathi kshetram at Akathara, Palakkad. Scholarly Poet Shri. Raghava Pisharody lived in 18th Century(1725-1795) as recorded by historian and scholar Ullur S.Parameshwara Iyer in his book “Kerala Sahitya Charitham”. After getting his tutelage under his brother – cum – Guru Krishna Pisharody, he started his own school where he taught many distinguished students , one among them being the popular Kudiyamkulathu Shuppu Menon. As a mark of respect the natives called him “Manaloor Ezhuthachchan”

Raghava Pisharody was a scholar posted in the court of “Ittikombiyachchan” ruler of Palakkad. Since he was a master in Astronomy and Architecture,  Ittikombiyachchan asked him to find a place for a fort at Palakkad and it was he who suggested the place for current Fort at Palakkad. However when his successor Ittipongiyachchan became ruler of Palakkad, Raghava Pisharody had to take asylum under Veerakerala Varma, ruler of Kochi. It is believed that Raghava Pisharody wrote Ravanolbhavam  during this stay in Thripponithara. “Sethu mahatmyam”, Vethaalacharitham” and “Panchathantram” are  his other classics.


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