Cherukad Govinda Pisharody

Cherukad Govinda Pisharodi, known as ‘Cherukad‘ was a great playwright and novelist, associated with the Communist movement. Some of his important works are ‘Jeevithappatha’, ‘Tharavaditham’, ‘Manushyabandhangal’, ‘Namal Onnu’, ‘Manushya Hridayangal’, ‘Janma Bhoomi’, ‘Devalokam’, ‘Manninte Maril’, “Muthassi”., “Sanidasa”.  His autobiography “Jeevithappatha” received Kerala Sahithya Academy Award.

Born on August 26, 1914 to Kizheettil Pisharath Karunakara Pisharody & Cherukadu Pisharath Narayani Pisharasiar, he did his primary education from Guru Gopalanezhuthssan. Then did his further studies at Vallappuzha, Elankulam & Perintalmanna Board High school. He also learnt little bit of Ayurveda from Pulamanthole Moossu. He also passed Vidvan Examination and worked in many schools as teacher before joining Pattambi Sanskrit College as Lecturer.

Wife: Late Kizheettil Pisharath Lakshmi Pisharasiar. Expired on 28th October 1976.

Here is the Documentary of Cherukad named “Cherukad, Jeevitharekha” being produced by State Institute of Educational Technology, Kerala

Here is one of the One Act Plays “Chuttu Vilakku” enacted by Mumbai Sakha in 2016


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