Attur Krishna Pisharody

A great Sanskrit scholar lived between 1867-1964. His most important  work is Sangeeta Chandrika , which gives an exposition of musical theory on a historical basis. It is in the form of sootra-s in Sanskrit, with elaborate commentary in Malayalam. Its  12 chapters deal with nada, sruti, swara, veena, grama moorcchana, mela, tala, varnaalankara, gamakasthayadi, prabandha, raga and geeta. The last chapter contains about 450 geeta-s, one for each raga, with their sahitya forming a continuous narrative on the Ramayana story. Some of his other works are following:  ‘Keralakadha’, ‘Puranapurushanmar’, ‘Neethimala’, ‘Dheeravratham’, ‘Vishavaidyasarasamgraham’, ‘Keralavarmaramayanam’, ‘Balarathnam’, ‘Leelathilakam’, ‘Laghuramayanam’, ‘Keralacharithram’, ‘Bhashasahityacharutha’, ‘Bhashayum Sahityavum’, ‘Vidyavivek`am’.


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