Chithra Arun

A blessed singer from Mundur, Palakkad, well known playback singer in malayalam film industries and audio albums.

Her debut film was “House full”. 

Have already sung for 10 films and over 2000 album songs.

She is daughter of Late Mundoor Anupurath Bharatha Pisharody and Vallappuzha Meleettil Pisharath Malathi Pisharasiar.

Pottayil Pisharath Arun is her husband and has two children named Anand and Aradhya.

Vineeta is her sister.

Here is the complete list of film songs sung by her.

List of Malayalam Songs sung by Chithra Arun

Sl Song Movie Year Singer Lyrics Musician
1 Uyirin Varamaayi … House Full 2013 Chithra Arun Vayalar Sarathchandra Varma Ram Surendar
2 Nin Neermizhi … Pakida 2014 Chithra Arun, Vinod Menon Joffy Tharakan Bijibal
3 Violin Song … Romeo & Juliets 2013 Vidhu Prathap, Chithra Arun Rafi Mathira Devi Sri Prasad
4 Oru Makara Nilaavaay … Rani Padmini 2015 Chithra Arun Rafeeq Ahamed Bijibal
5 Nee Swapnamaayi … Sarvaadhipan 2014 Chithra Arun, Sam Shiva Siju Thuravoor S Thaman
6 Pandu Pandaaro … My God 2015 P Jayachandran, Chithra Arun Rafeeq Ahamed Bijibal
7 Njaanee Oonjaalil … Rakshaadhikaari Baiju (Oppu) 2017 P Jayachandran, Chithra Arun BK Harinarayanan Bijibal
8 Mohangal … Dusterukal Maaykkaathathu 2017 Chithra Arun TP Arshad Hussian TJ George
9 Soorya Mugham Manassil … Mullappoo Viplavam 2019 Chithra Arun KV Sabarimani Anil Kumar Choolur
10 Chendakal Kaavil Muzhangi … Mullappoo Viplavam 2019 Chithra Arun KV Sabarimani Anil Kumar Cho



4 thoughts on “Chithra Arun

  1. Chowara Sreedharma Sastha covilinuvendi Chithra arun padiya Sasthamrutham enna CD ila annorikkal anizham thirunal marthanda varma song super ayirikunnu. Enta caril daily idunna song anu ithu.

  2. SReemati Chitra Arun’s singing has such a sAtvika-bhaavam in it, which is becoming rare these days. Most singers are raajasika in nature or at least their appearance is like that.
    We should never forget that the the sanctity of emotions inside a singer’s heart is what gives “soul” to the song and in that respect SReemati Arun is supremely gifted. As regards her voice and technical skills she is comparable to SReemati S. Janaki and others of that highest level. My prayers for the singer’s music and her YOgakshEmam!

  3. Sreemathi Chithra arun has already sung more than seven songs for me. ( Aiswarya Creations) Her singing talent has been given by heaven, she knows all types of sound modulations and singing techniques. Best wishes and big salute.


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