K.P.Balakrishnan, IFS (Retd)

K.P.Balakrishnan was born in 1940 to Aattor Nedumbrakkal Pisharath Madhavi pisharassiar and Aryavaidyan N.P.Krishna Pisharody. After completing MSc from Ernakulam Maharajas College he served as a Professor in colleges in Kerala. After getting selected in IFS in 1963 he worked in various consulates in various countries. Government appointed him as Ambassador of Yemen for the period 1986-89. Subsequently he was also appointed as Ambassadors in Ethiopia, Djibooty and Vatican. He retired in 2000 from Foreign service but continued as Commonwealth Advisor in 2001-02 in Guyana’s foreign office. Since 2002 he has settled down in Thrissur. Padinjare Thonnangamath pisharath Sati is his wife.


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