TN Rajan

Ayyampilly Thirunarayanath Pisharath TN Rajan(66) expired on 31-10-2023 at 11.30pm at Aurangabad, Maharashtra due to prolonged illness.

Wife: Kollangode Payaloor Pisharath Sujata Rajan.

Daughters: Smitha and Sneha, Aurangabad

Son in laws: Rohan & Harshit, Aurangabad

Samskaram on 01-11-2023 at 6pm at Aurangabad.


8 thoughts on “TN Rajan

  1. We Mumbai sakha remember Rajettan for the wholehearted help he and his brothers done during our visit to Aurangabad in 2007. They arranged stay for the entire team as also all of them were with us to show each and every monument at Aurangabad. Adaranjalikal!

  2. Heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family
    May the soul of the deceased attain salvation

    Jayakumar K
    & Syamala Jayakumar


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