S. P. Rajagopal

Shukapurathu Pisharathu Rajagopal (83 Years) expired on 23-09-2022 at 8.30am at his daughter’s residence at Chandrapur.

Wife : Attur Pisharathu Prasanna.

Children: Dr. Preeti Rajagopal, Preeja Rajagopal

Son in law: Sujith Kumar Pisharody, Sujit Raghavan.

Samskaram on 24-09-2022 at Chandrapur.


9 thoughts on “S. P. Rajagopal

  1. Heart touching condolences. May Prasannoppol and children have sufficient health and courage to face the situation appropriately.

  2. Heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. May the soul of the deceased attain salvation
    K Jayakumar
    Syamala Jayakumar


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