N P Bharathan

Nellampani Pisharath Bharathan(65), Souparnika, Kizhakkekkara Pisharam, Chunangad expired today, 19-10-2021 at 12.30 pm.

Wife: Kongad Kavil Pisharath Sathi

Children: Suvarna, Prasad, Suchithra

Samskaram today evening.


10 thoughts on “N P Bharathan

  1. I acquainted with him when i was too staying in Ambarnath. I visited his residence also one or two occasions. Any way he is no more with us. I wanted to see him; but unfortunately it didn’t materialise.
    May God give enough strength to bear the untimely demise to members of his family. May his soul is rest in peace.

  2. I was having a close relationship with Bharathan and his family members as long as he was in Mumbai. Heartfelt condolences to his bereaved family members. May God gives enough strength to accept his untimely departure.May his soul rest in peace


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