Angamaly Nayathode Kizhakke Pisharath Bijoy (46 years) S/o Pazhayannur Thekkuttu Pisharath (Late) Bhaskaran Pisharody and Nayathode Kizhakke Pisharath Rugmini Pisharasyar, expired today (24/07/2022) morning at Chennai.

Wife : Sandhya, Thondiyannur Pisharam
Children : Nayana, Niranjana

Samskaram  tomorrow (25/07/2022) 11 am at Kaladi Panchayath Cremation Ground


19 thoughts on “Bijoy

  1. Really shocking the early departure of Bijoy. Pray the Almighty may provide the strength to stay with the reality to the bereaved family members. May the departed soul reach the lotus feet. Condolences.

  2. Shocking news. Very young to depart. May God give strength to the family to bear the lost

  3. Heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of Bijoy. May his soul attain salvation. May the Lord give his family the strength and fortitude to bear the loss
    K Jayakumar
    & Syamala


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