Chirakkal Pisharath Anithakumari(62), Retd. H.N.L Vellur, D/o. Chirakkal Pisharath Late Subhadra Pisharasiar and Mutakkari Pisharath Late Gopala Pisharody, Kalathilsseri Pisharam, Midayikkunnam expired on 23-10-2023 evening.

Husband: Chengamanad Nambiar Madathil Nandakumar

Children: Divya, Shruthi

Samskaram on 24-10-2023 after paying homage at her residence in the morning at Punathil Padam Road, Palarivattam and later at Revathi, Chengamanad Nambiar Madam House at 3 pm.



10 thoughts on “Anithakumari

  1. Heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family
    May the soul of the deceased attain salvation
    Jayakumar K
    & Syamala Jayakumar

  2. Why my Condolences for her son Balagopal is not reflected here ??
    May be I am not a member of this organisation.
    Life value is same. Love you all. God Bless you all.


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