Congratulations Dr. Vaisakh Pisharody

Dr. Vaisakh Pisharody has been conferred the degree of MBBS on 13th May 23 from KEM Hospital, Mumbai.

Vaisakh is the eldest son of Shri. Vinod Vasudevan Pisharody, Meleettil Pisharam, Vallappuzha and Smt. Anjana Vinod Pisharody, Kavil Pisharam, Kodakara of Mumbai Sakha and grandson of Late A P Vasudevan, Past President of Pisharody Samajam & Smt. Bharathi Vasudevan.

Pisharody Samajam, Website and Thulaseedalam congratulate Dr. Vaiskh Pisharody on this honour.



11 thoughts on “Congratulations Dr. Vaisakh Pisharody

  1. Congratulations Dr Vaisakh Vasudevan for full-filling one of your ambition. Go ahead with your higher studies and wish you all the best.


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