Eranellore Bharatha Pisharody

Eranellore Bharatha Pisharody, born in 1918 to Edakalathur Bharatha Pisharody and Anayath Puthukulangara Ittichiri Pisharassiar, was a Scholar and Propogator of Sanskrit language. After traditional formal sanskrit education he got closely associated with Thapovanaswamigal of Hrishikesh. He started his career in 1943 as a Sanskrit Professor. However he was summarily dismissed from service on the ground that he indulged in propogation of Sanskrit which was against the service rules. After some years he was appointed as a teacher in the school conducted by FACT by the then director shri.M.K.Nair. Later, he acquired Proficiency in English Language also.
Eminent personalities viz Ranganatha swamigal, Chinmayananda Swamygal and Dr.C.R.Swaminathan have heaped praises on Bharatha Pisharody for his relentless effort in propogating Sanskrit language. After 27 years of Government service he had to lay down office without any avilable benefits entitled to him. However after long drawn legal fight against the government they were forced to give back all the benefits which he was entitled to.
He had conceived and started Kamadhenu project to teach and popularise Sanskrit language. Ganagandharvan Yesudas is one of his students. He had circulated abroad Bhagvat  Gita in Cassettes. He was one of the creators of Nomenclature and emblem of Pisharody Samajam magazine. He was in the Editorial Board of Thulaseedalam from the inception and had also served as it’s Editor. He passed away in 1999.


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