Anjali Gopal awarded Prestigious Siebel Scholarship

Ms. Anjali Gopal a Bio-Engineering research scholar in Berkeley College of Engineering, University of California, was awarded the Prestigious Siebel Scholarship for her work.

Anjali is investigating the progression and resistance mechanisms of HER2 isoforms in HER2+ breast cancer via simultaneous single-cell proteoform and RNA sequencing measurements.

The Siebel Scholars program annually recognizes top students at the world’s leading graduate schools of bioengineering, business, computer science and energy science. The program, now in its 20th year, comes with a $35,000 award.

Anjali is the daughter of Smt.Shobha (Thonnangamath Pisharam Patturaickal) and Sri Gopalakrishnan (Thekkutte Pisharam Pazhayannur).

Pisharody Samajam and Website congratulate Anjali on this prestigious achievement.


5 thoughts on “Anjali Gopal awarded Prestigious Siebel Scholarship

  1. Hearty congratulations Anjali…… and proud parents……. Let the Almighty shower blesseings again and again similarly in your life.


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