AD 1400 to 1600

Thrikkandiyur Nanappa Pisharody

Nanappa Pisharody of Thrikkandiyoor Pisharam was a great grammarian lived in 15th Century and believed to be uncle of Great astronomer Thrikkandiyur Achutha Pisharody.

Thrikkandiyur Govinda Pisharody

Thrikkandiyur Govinda Pisharody was also a great grammarian lived before Achutha Pisharody.

Thrikkandiyur Achutha Pisharody
An authority in Astronomy, Sanskrit grammar and Ayurveda, Achutha Pisharody lived between 1550-1621, in the period of Thunjath  Ezuthachan. He was the Preceptor (Guru) of Melpathur Narayana Bhattathirippad (Author of 'Narayaneeyam').


His major works are 'Goladeepika', 'Jathakabharanam', 'Horosarochayam', 'Karanothamam' in astronomy and 'Pravesakam' in on Sanskrit grammer.


AD 1600 to 1900

Anayath Karunakara Pisharody

He is mentioned as a great Sanskrit Scholar and Guru of Manava Vikrama Maharaja's  who wrote "Kavi Chinthamani" and supposed to be lived in same era of "Uddanda Shasthrikal".

Anayath Pankajaksha Pisharody

Anayath Pisharath Pankajaksha Pisharody is also mentioned a Sanskrit Scholar and Guru of Manavikraman Raja and supposed to be nephew of Karunakara Pisharody. His famous work is "Hridayagrahini".

Anayath Krishna Pisharody
It is a historical fact that the famous Sanskrit scholar, Thiruvegappura Anayath Krishna Pisharody was considered as the Guru(teacher) of Manavedan Raja, the then Zamorin Raja of Kozhikode who conceived the classical dance drama Krishnanattam based on his text Krishnageethi. Mahaakavi Ulloor mentioned about this in his Kerala Sahithya Charithram(chapter 33). Manavedan also mentioned about his Guru Anayath Krishna Pisharody in his text Poorvabharatha Champu. A commentary to Poorvabharatha Champu, Krishneeyam, was composed apparently by Anayath Krishna Pisharoty.

Kallekkulangara Raghava Pisharody
The most popular Aattakatha "Ravanolbhavam" was written by the litterateur Kallekkulangara Raghava Pisharody. He resided near Kallekkulangara Bhagavathi kshetram at Akathara, Palakkad. Scholarly Poet Shri. Raghava Pisharody lived in 18th Century as recorded by historian and scholar Ullur S.Parameshwara Iyer in his book "Kerala Sahitya Charitham". After getting his tutelage under his brother - cum - Guru Krishna Pisharody, he started his own school where he taught many distinguished students , one among them being the popular Kudiyamkulathu Shuppu Menon. As a mark of respect the natives called him "Manaloor Ezhuthachchan"

Raghava Pisharody was a scholar posted in the court of "Ittikombiyachchan" ruler of Palakkad. However when his successor Ittipongiyachchan became ruler of Palakkad, Raghava Pisharody had to take asylum under Veerakerala Varma, ruler of Kochi. It is believed that Raghava Pisharody wrote Ravanolbhavam  during this stay in Thripponithara. "Sethu mahatmyam", Vethaalacharitham" and "Panchathantram" are  his other classics.

Attur Krishna Pisharody

A great Sanskrit scholar lived between 1867-1964. His most important  work is Sangeeta Chandrika , which gives an exposition of musical theory on a historical basis. It is in the form of sootra-s in Sanskrit, with elaborate commentary in Malayalam. Its  12 chapters deal with nada, sruti, swara, veena, grama moorcchana, mela, tala, varnaalankara, gamakasthayadi, prabandha, raga and geeta. The last chapter contains about 450 geeta-s, one for each raga, with their sahitya forming a continuous narrative on the Ramayana story. Some of his other works are following:  'Keralakadha', 'Puranapurushanmar', 'Neethimala', 'Dheeravratham', 'Vishavaidyasarasamgraham', 'Keralavarmaramayanam', 'Balarathnam', 'Leelathilakam', 'Laghuramayanam', 'Keralacharithram', 'Bhashasahityacharutha', 'Bhashayum Sahityavum', 'Vidyavivek`am'.

Kalluvazhi Govinda Pisharody

Kalluvazhi Govinda Pisharody was an exponent of Kathakali Art form both in its traditional learning and also in stage performance. Started learning Kathakali at a very young age of 10 and went up the ladder performing various child roles, culminating in performng lead roles by the time he reached 18. He was a favourite of Poomully and Mappaat Mana who were highy supportive in encouraging and making various traditional art forms popular. He attained huge popularity in his role of Bhima in "Bhaga vadham" and "Kalyana sougandhikam" and role of Duryodhana in "Uttara swayamvaram". Famed Art lover Mappad Purushottaman Namboodirippad presented a beautiful Crown and Kathakali attire to Govinda Pisharody which he could use in his performances. At the age of 36 tragedy struck him in the form of incurable serious eye ailment which prevented from further performance on stage.

Although he had to quit stage performances at a prime time, he excelled in imparting his knowledge and skill to his desciples.
Famous Kathakali artistes Vazhengada Kunju Nair, Kottayathu Thamburan and Thrivikramapurath Rama Pisharody were some of his distinguished desciples.

Kalluvazhi T.P.Rama Pisharody

Much much before Kathakali attained an International status as a glorious art form, this temple art was nurtured and popularised by a simple Kathakali singer by the name of Kalluvazhi Thrivikramapurath Rama Pisharody effectionately called Kunju Pisharody.
When renowned Ayurvedachaarya P.S.Varrier decided to set up P S V Naattya sangham to promote Kathakali the administration of the Nattya sangham was entrusted to Rama urf Kunju Pisharody and very soon a young Kathakali group was born. Rama Pisharody was proficient in all behind-the-curtain-art-forms of Kathakali viz. Music, chenda, Maddalam, make-up  etc. Kottakkal Krishnankutty nair, Kalluvazhi Vasu, Vasu Nedungadi, Kuttan Marar were some of his favourite desciples. He was "Guru's Guru" for many new generation artistes. Vazhengada Kunj Nair and Rama Pisharody were desciples of great  Kalluvazhi Govinda Pisharody. He learned Kathakali Sangeetham from Bhagavather Keshavan Nair.

Rama Pisharody was born in 1892 to Thrivikramapurath Parukutty Pisharassiar and Kaplingat Manakkal Amrithan Namboodiripad. After attaining Primary education he joined his brother and Kathakali exponent Kalluvazhi Govinda Pisharody for further learning of  Kathakali. He chose Vengasseri Kaavil Pisharath Parukutty Pisharassiar as his life partner. Kottakkal Krishnan kutty nair , the retired Principal of Nattyasangham,  describes Rama Pisharody as "Encyclopedia" of Kathakali.

At the age of 82 ,in the year 1974 , this great versatile Acharya of Kathakali left for the heavenly abode.

Pazhayannur Rama Pisharody
Pazhayannur Rama Pisharody (1894-1960) was a writer in Malayalam and English, of considerable repute, as well as an untiring philanthropist and social worker. He was also well-known for his activities in the areas of moral education in schools and colleges, and his promotion of spiritual discussions and discourses. Rama Pisharody was the only offspring of Vengi Pisharassyar of Pazhayannur Thekkoottu Pisharom and his father was an Ayyer. Rama Pisharody was a teacher by profession.

Rama Pisharody started his literary career with five plays in Malayalam which do not seem to have received much public attention. But soon he moved on to and found his true genre in writing about the great men of history and religion like Ashoka, Gautama the Buddha, Shankaracharya and Ramanujacharya, in simple Malayalam which could be read by school-children and people of limited education. “Avatara Purushanmar” was a work that brought forth the essence of the incarnations of God in various religions. His book, “Bhoota Daya”, which was published in 1939 under the auspices of the Madras Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, celebrated the compassion for animals demonstrated in the life stories of Turgenev, Tolstoy, Abraham Lincoln, Gautama the Buddha, etc. Another touching book on self-refinement through compassion for animals, titled Karuna, was one of some fifteen books authored by him that were approved by Madras Textbook Committee for school use. His two novels were Pativratharatnam based on the story of Kovilan and Kannagi, and Swarnakumari, an adaptation to the Indian milieu of Sir Walter Scott’s “Quentin Durward”. He did adaptations of Tolstoy’s “How Much Land Does A Man Need?”, “Two Old Men” and other stories. He used to write travelogue in Mathrubhumi. In the 1950s, he was a regular broadcaster on All India Radio, Kozhikode and his last broadcast essay on “Athishayoktiyum athinte Prathyaghathangalum” was featured on 30th May, 1960, just three days before his death due to heart attack. He passed away at Attur on 2nd June, 1960 at the age of 66.

AD 1900 to 2017

Lt.Col K N Pisharody

He is the founder principal of Calicut Medical college He was also the chairman of Kerala Kalamandalam, President of Thiruvambady Devaswam and Thrissur Kathakali club.

Born in 1892 at Irinjalakkuda Kallankara Pisharam, he completed his school studies from Govt High School, Irinjalakkuda. He got his MBBS & MD Degrees from Madras Medical College and MRCP from England and did Military service during the 2nd World War.


Wife: Late Kattoor Pisharath Ammini Pisharasiar. Expired on 8th June 1972.

Artist K N Pisharody
Artist K.N.Pisharody ( Kattoor Narayana Pisharody) was born in October 1908 to Kattoor Pisharath Kunjikkavu pisharassiar and Anayathu Pisharath Chakrapani Pisharody. After completing his schooling from Thrissur Government School and obtaining his B.A. degree from St. Thomas College  he  obtained B.T.from Madras University. He also pursued a Deploma course in Art and Painting from Madras. After three decades of teaching in various schools he retired as Head Master from Cheruthuruthy Govetnment School in 1963. During his career as a teacher he was also pursuing his passionate hobby of drawing pencil sketches, water and oil painting, Portrait painting etc. Once he drew a colour portrait of King of Cochin Province and the King was so impressed that he presented him a gold medal. Even when he was a school teacher he served two decades as a teacher in Teachers' Training College. During this period the drawings in school text books were contributed by him. Even today B.T College's walls are adorned with his colour paintings. Sculpting idols in Plaster of Paris was another hobby pursued by him. Statues of various personalities especially that of Mahatma Gandhi had won him accolades. Unfortunately out of all renowned paintings only the one on Guruvayoorappan has been printed and preserved. After retiring from teaching profession he decided to spend rest of  his life in development and popularisation of Art and Painting. With this in mind , he took steps to set up Kerala Chitrakala Parishath and became it's founder President. He has also contributed immensely by associating himself with Kerala Fine Arts Acadrmy, Kerala Kalamandalam Committee etc. Colour Portraits of Vallathol Narayana Menon, Aattoor Krishna Pisharody, E.V.Krishna Pillai and Punnasseri Nambi were some of his Master pieces.

Portraits of his Uncles and other relatives drawn by Artist Narayana Pisharody still adorns the walls of his residence "Chitrasala" as a rememberance of this great Artist. Thiruvathra Pisharath Devaki Pisharassiar was his wife. Mr. T. Achuthanandan, Dr.T.Sreekumar and  (late) Mr. T.Harinarayanan are his sons. This illustrious soul left for heavenly abode in 1983.

Prof. P.R.Pisharody

A great Meteorologist of international repute and was widely acknowledged as the one who introduced remote sensing in India. Recipient of Padmasri in 1970 and Gold medal from World Metrological Organization in 1989. He was disciple of Prof C V Raman. Author of  X-Ray, Monsoon and Biography of Dr. C V Raman. He was the founder director of Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, National Physical Research Laboratory-Ahmedabad, National Remote Sensing Agency.

Born on 10th February 1909 to Kollankott Perum Trikkovil Pisharath Lakshmi Pisharasiar and Gopala Vadhyar, he  completed his early education in Kerala. Having done his Physics BA honours from St. Joseph's College, Trichinopoly, Madras state, he went on to do his MA (Physics) from Madras University. He then proceeded to work as a college lecturer in Physics at Chennai during 1932-1941. During the summer vacations he used to work under Prof. C. V. Raman at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. On being recommended by Raman, Pisharoty joined the India Meteorological Department in 1942. There he carried out research on thunderstorms, western disturbances, movement of monsoon depressions, orographic rain, etc. He then joined the University of California for further studies where he worked under renowned meteorologist Jacob Bjerknes. His published two reports titled Some aspects of geostrophic poleward sensible heat and The kinetic energy of the atmosphere. He obtained his MS (in Meteorology) and PhD degrees by 1954.

K P Narayana Pisharody

A well known Sanskrit Scholar, author of many books like 'Bharata Muni's Natyasasthram', 'Srikrishnavilasam Kavyamparibhasha', 'Manideepam', 'Kumarasambhavam Vivarthanam', 'Subhadradhananjayam Koodiyattam', 'Kalyanasougandhikam Vyayogaparibhasha', 'Kalalokam', 'Ashokavanikankam Kootiyattam', 'Thoranayudham Kootiyattam', 'Ascharyachoodamani Vivarthanam', 'Kramadeepikayum Aattaprakaravum', 'Attoor'(Biography), 'Sruthimandalam',  'Svapnavasavadatha Paribhasha', ' Kesaveeyam - Sanskrit Paribhasha', 'Mahathyagi', 'Thunchath Aachryan'(Biography), 'Sreekrishnacharitham Manipravalam Vyakhyanam', 'Narayaneeyam Vanamala Vyakhyanam' etc.

Winner of 'Ezhuthachan Puraskaram''(The highest award constituted by Kerala Goverment for life time contributions to Malayalam language and literature) in 2000. Other awards are:

Sathithyanipunan (1967), Panthithathilankan (1969), Sahithyaratnam (1983) Panditharatnam (1983) C B Kumar Award by Kerala Sahithya Academy(1989), Vidyavichakshanan (1991),Ramasram Award (1991), Adikavi Puraskaram (1992) ,Narayneeya Kulapathi (1993) Prasident's Award for Sanskrit Scholar (1993), Pandithakulapathi (1993), Kerala Sahithya Academy Award (1993), Deviprasadam Award (1993),  Swadesi Shasthrapuraskaram (1994), Kerala Kalamandalam's Mukundarajasmrithi Puraskaram (1995), Srisankara Puraskaram (1995), Kendra Sahithya Academy Award (1995), Panditahasiromani (1997) Vachaspathi (1999) M K K Nair Award (1999), Lal Bahadur Sastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha's Mahamahopadhyaya (2000), Honorary doctorate from the Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady (2001).


He was born on 23rd August 1909 to Kodikkunnath Pisharath Narayanikkutti Pisharasiar and Pudusseri Manackal Pasupathi Namboothiri. He had his initial education in Gurukula Style  under his uncle Andala Sekhara Pisharody. Completed higher studies from Sarasvathodini Sanskrit Mahapathasala and got Sahithyasiromani and Malyalam Vidvan degrees from Madras University. Then started the career as a Teacher in various institutions including Madhura American College, Thrisur Kerala Varma College, Koxzhikkode Adarsa Samskritha Vidyapeetham, Thrisur Chinamaya Mission College.


He was editor of Thulaseedalam and Bhakthapriya Magazines. Wife: Late Arangott Pisharath Pappikkutti Pisharasiar.


Arangot Shekhara Pisharody

A.S.Pisharody ( Arangot Shekhara Pisharody) was the former Editor of Thulaseedalam , the in-house magazine of Pisharody Community. He was born in 1911 to Arangot Parukutty Pisharassiar and Karuvambarath Vazhangamburath Achutha Pisharody.

While working as a teacher in various high schools in Malabar region he passed Malayalam Vidwaan exam and was appointed as a teacher in Perinthalmanna Board High School. He had strived hard to bring out the hidden arts and cultural talent in his students. He was well conservant in Sanskrit language apart from English and Hindi. He had also worked with Kottakkal PSV Nattyasangham. He was also an Artist.
At the age of 22 he married Cherukara Subhadra Pisharassiar and after her untimely death married Sreedevi Pisharassiar. Dr.C.K.Unni, former President of Pisharody Samajam, was his Son.

A.S..Pisharody was also associated with Vaishnava Samajam and also on the Editorial Board of Yuvachsitanyam magazine.
In 1990, when Pisharody Samajam's in-house magazine Thulaseedalam was on the verge of closure , he took over the mantle and through sheer hard work brought the magazine to what it is today.

As he was an authority on our ancient cultures and traditions he made a valuable contribution in compiling and publushing our Chadangu Grantham - a reference guide about our traditions and practices.
He left this world on 8th May 1996.

Cherukad Govinda Pisharody

Cherukad Govinda Pisharodi, known as 'Cherukad' was a great playwright and novelist, associated with the Communist movement. Some of his important works are 'Jeevithappatha', 'Tharavaditham', 'Manushyabandhangal', 'Namal Onnu', 'Manushya Hridayangal', 'Janma Bhoomi', 'Devalokam', 'Manninte Maril', "Muthassi"., "Sanidasa".  His autobiography "Jeevithappatha" received Kerala Sahithya Academy Award.

Born on August 26, 1914 to Kizheettil Pisharath Karunakara Pisharody & Cherukadu Pisharath Narayani Pisharasiar, he did his primary education from Guru Gopalanezhuthssan. Then did his further studies at Vallappuzha, Elankulam & Perintalmanna Board High school. He also learnt little bit of Ayurveda from Pulamanthole Moossu. He also passed Vidvan Examination and worked in many schools as teacher before joining Pattambi Sanskrit College as Lecturer.

Wife: Late Kizheettil Pisharath Lakshmi Pisharasiar. Expired on 28th October 1976.

Former editor of the 'Malayala Manorama' daily and the chief editor of the women's magazine 'Vanitha'.

Born in 1914 to Kannanur Pisharath Ittichiri Pisharasiar and Edamana Parameswaran Namboodiri, he done his Sanskrit eduction under the tutelage of Punnasseri Neelakandhan Sharma and joined Malayala Manorama as sub editor in 1933 under Mamman Mappila. He was instrumental in formation of Kerala Pisharody Samajam and was the first President.

Wife: Vaikkom Mevellur Nandavanath Pisharath Late Ponnamma Pisharasiar.

Children: Late Haridas, Nirmala Ramachandran, Ashokan, Narayanan, Sujatha Ramachandran, Lathika, Geetha.

He expired on 1985 April 25.

Eranellore Bharatha Pisharody
Eranellore Bharatha Pisharody, born in 1918 to Edakalathur Bharatha Pisharody and Anayath Puthukulangara Ittichiri Pisharassiar, was a Scholar and Propogator of Sanskrit language. After traditional formal sanskrit education he got closely associated with Thapovanaswamigal of Hrishikesh. He started his career in 1943 as a Sanskrit Professor. However he was summarily dismissed from service on the ground that he indulged in propogation of Sanskrit which was against the service rules. After some years he was appointed as a teacher in the school conducted by FACT by the then director shri.M.K.Nair. Later, he acquired Proficiency in English Language also.
Eminent personalities viz Ranganatha swamigal, Chinmayananda Swamygal and Dr.C.R.Swaminathan have heaped praises on Bharatha Pisharody for his relentless effort in propogating Sanskrit language. After 27 years of Government service he had to lay down office without any avilable benefits entitled to him. However after long drawn legal fight against the government they were forced to give back all the benefits which he was entitled to.
He had conceived and started Kamadhenu project to teach and popularise Sanskrit language. Ganagandharvan Yesudas is one of his students. He had circulated abroad Bhagvat  Gita in Cassettes. He was one of the creators of Nomenclature and emblem of Pisharody Samajam magazine. He was in the Editorial Board of Thulaseedalam from the inception and had also served as it's Editor. He passed away in 1999.

N N Pisharody

N N Pisharody , born 1926 , was a legendary director in the Malayalam Film industry. He was born into  ‘Kallil’ Pisharam in Methala to Kallil Kunchi Pisharasiar & Narayana Pisharody, near Perumbavoor in Kerala. He completed his schooling in Paravoor and then was graduated in Economics from Serhampur, Bengal. He was an avid reader always and appreciated the nuances of literature. His first short story was published in the weekly 'Prasanna Keralam' from Kottayam when he was studying in high school. Since then, his stories have regularly appeared in many weeklies.

One of his first of his short stories, "Kurudante Makal" was published in the weekly Prasanna Keralam from Kottayam, when he was studying in high school. From then on, his stories had appeared regularly in many of the weeklies.

The deceased editor of Kaumudi, K Balakrishnan lead him to writing novels; the first one named 'Kure Swapnangal Kure Vanambadigal' (Lot of dreams, Lot of nightingales) was published in Kaumudi weekly. Later on most of the magazines like Janayugam, Navayugam, Keralashabdam, Chithrapournnami, Express (Weekly), Mathrubhoomi (Weekly) frequently published his novels. During his career, he wrote 17 novels,of which 8 have been printed as books. One of the novels 'Vellam' (Water) has even inspired a movie.

He took a break from writing to try his hand in the film industry where he found a new platform to tell his stories. His long association with film industry lasted 30 years. Starting as an assistant director for Tamil - Telugu movies in Newton Studios, he later distinguished himself as a producer, director and scriptwriter. His directorial debut, 'Ninamaninja Kalpadugal', which portrays the trials the Indo-China war, won 4 awards including the President's Silver medal for best regional film, and the award for 'The Best Director'. He directed about 6 movies(Muthu, Raging, Mulkkireedam, Ammu, Ninamaninja Kalppadukal) and produced 2 movies(Mulkkireedam & Vellam) on his own. He wrote the screen play and directed 4 episodes of 'Aithihyamala' for Doordarshan. He also directed a tele-film titled 'Kudajadri'.

Recently he took up writing again for the Mathrubhoomi weekly - a story titled 'Aandal Puram Pogum Vazhi' (Enroute to Aandal Puram). Shree Books, Aluwa has published this story as a book. He also wrote the screen play for about 40 dramatic plays for Aakashavani Thrissoor. He wrote screenplays for the following too - 'Hiranya Garbham', 'Sarppa Sathram', 'Ivideyo Naalathe Sooryodayam', 'Vishathan Kaavilinnarattu' - each of these plays were meant for various art groups. He died on 30 August 2008 at the age of 82.

Panditharaja Shastra Ratnam Prof. D. Damodara Pisharody
Damodara Pisharody was born in 1940 to Nayathode Pisharath Lakshmikutty Pisharassiar and Thanippilly Manakkal Parameshwaran Namboodiri. After Primary education and passing out Panchamam exam from Sreemulanagaram Sanskrit School, he completed his studies in Sanskrit from Thripponithura Sanskrit College. He became staunch desciple of Perunthanam Narayanan Namboodiri and Shankaranarayana shastrikal and acquired vast knowledge in the field of  Grammar and Hindu philosophy and Mimamsa ( analytical study of Hindu vedic scripts). He also learnt Tharkashastra ( Logical interpretation of Vedic philisophy) under the scholar Rama Varma Parikshit Thamburan , ruler of Cochin Province. Later on he went on to become Professor of Kaladi Ashramam school and Thripunithura Sanskrit College. Thanthrika kulapathy Vezhaparambu Narayanan Namboodiri and Kalady Sanskrit University's former Registrar K.G.Paulose were some of his distinguished students. In 1967 he was conferred Shastra Ratna award by Pattambi Neelakantha Sanskrit Vidyapeeth. He was also honoured with Panditharajan award by Thrippunithura Sanskrit College. He was a distinguished scholar in Sringeri Sannidhanam vidwalsadassu. In 1974 he retired from all his official duties, although for some more years he imparted his knowledge to students of Pavaratty Sanskrit School. He has published his critical interpretation of  N.N.Gopala Pillai's " Seetavicharalahari", Perunthaanam Narayanan Namboodiri's "Vyakaranaarthamala" , Vishnubhajanga sthothram etc. He has also published "Samskritadhyapakabandhu". This abundant treasure of Sanskrit language ended his humble life in July1984 in his own residence Narayanalyam.

Manganam Rama Pisharody

In the Kaliyarangu - Kottayam Anniversary function of 1980 where the great Musical Maestro Hyderali was to give a grand Musical Concert, the second singer playing elathaalam ( a pair of cymbals) did not turn up. Just when the program was to have ended up as a big fiasco and embarassment to the Organisers, a young man who used to play female roles in Kathakali rose to the occasion and gave stupendous support to Hyderali by playing elathaalam and playing the role of a support singer. That youngster was none other than MANGANAM RAMA PISHARODY affectionately called Ramanashaan. He learned Kathakali from a very young age under Manganam Krishna Pillai in traditional Guru Kula Vidyabhyasam. He used to play all roles in Kathakali but female characters were his master pieces.He had prowess in Chenda, Maddalam and other percussion instruments.He also set up an art school in the name of Manganam Sreekalanilayam. He has shared the stage with Kathakali veterans like Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair, Kalamadalam Karunakaran, Kuttan Marar etc. He went on to become the head of Kaliyarangu Kottayam.
This great grand master of Kathakali bid adieu in 1987.
Kottayam Kaliyarangu has instituted and are conferring "Manganam Rama Pisharody Award" for more than 25 years in memory of this great Artist.
The budding Malayalam poetess Rema Prasanna Pisharody is Rama Pisharody's daughter.


Mundur Krishnankutty

Well known short story writer. Recipient of 'Cherukad Award' in 1996 for his famous work 'Nilapisuckulla Rathriyil' , 'Sahitya Academy Award' in 1997 for 'Aswasathinte Manthracharadu' and 'Odakkuzhal Award' for 'Enne Veruthe Vittalum'.

Born on 17th July 1935 , son of Mundur Anupurath Pisharath Madhavi Pisharasiar and M P Govinda Pisharody, he secured M A in English Literature and then passed B. Ed. He started writing during his college days and got his works published in all leading malayalam magazines. Widely appreciated for the vivid portrayal of rural life, had penned one novel and innumerable short stories. His stories are renowned for their realistic portrayal of life in Palakkad villages, focusing on the transformational crisis of an agrarian society

For a long period he was a tutor and principal at Teachers Training institute.  Of late, Krishnakutty had acted in many Malayalam TV serials and was appreciated for his performances.

Wife: Karalam Kainila Pisharath Late Radha Pisharasiar. He passed away on 4th June 2005.

Kongad Vijayan

Kongad Vijayan was an incomparable genious in the field of Panchavadyam. Although not born into any established musical family, Vijayan established his own individual identity as a Thimala vidwan due to his dedication and perseverance. Vijayan established his Presence in Panchavadyams conducted in all popular Poorams including Thrissur Pooram. N.P.Vijayakrishnan has published a biography " Thimalayile Vijayagatha" on the life of Kongad Vijayan. Kongad Vijayan was son of Mundayil Pisharath Madhavikutty Pisharassiar and Thiruvegappura illathu Narayanan Embrandiri.
Vijayan started his initial training in Thimala under Pulappatta Raman Marar and then went on to acquire his excellence under the tutelage of Thiruviluamala Appunny poduval and Annamanada Valia Parameshwara Marar. His association with Pallavur Brothers and being a part of their Panchavadyam group, made Vijayan a popular house-hold name in Kerala Panchavadyam arena. Kongad Vijayan is also proud guru of many up-coming talented Panchavadyam artistes. On 4th May 2006 this highly talented artist left this mortal world at a very young age of 51. His wife is Rugmini Pisharassiar.


Dr. Ramadas Pisharody

Professor Ramadas Pisharody was  Principal of Government Medical College,  Thiruvnanthapuram from 2008 to 2015.  After graduation from Govt Medical College, Thiruvananathapuram, he joined Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh from where he took his MD and DM degrees specializing in Nephrology. He has also a Master's degree in Design, Measurement and Evaluation from McMaster University, Canada. He has served as Head of the Departments of Nephrology in Government Medical Colleges at Thiruvananthapuram, Kottayam and Kozhikode and also as Director of CERTC at Thiruvananthapuram. He is an elected Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (England and Glasgow) and has won the Kerala Government's award for the best doctor in the State. He will be remembered for his contributions as a driving force behind the modern super specialty block at MCH and the deceased donor organ donation programme "Mrithasanjeevani" which is a State government initiative.

He passed away on 29-03-2017 at the age of 62.

Father, Chowwara Pisharath Krishnan Kutty Pisharody and Mother Mulangunnathu Kavu Padinjaroot Pisharath Kamakshi Pisharasiar.

Wife: Dr Jayasree Ramadas. Daughters - Vinitha Pravin & Sangeetha Arjun


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