P K Achuthan

Pulamanthole Kizhakke Pisharath P.K. Achuthan (86 years) passed away today, 21-07-2020 morning at 1:35am at his daughter’s residence at Thiruvananthapuram.

Wife: Late Vennimala Pisharath Radha Pisharasiar

Children: Dr. Hemalatha & Adv. Anitha

In laws: Unnikrishna Prasad( Retd. Gereral Manager, FACT &  Raveendran Ancheri Pisharam.

Siblings: Late P.P. Krishna Pisharody, Late P.K. Raman, Late P.K. Narayanan, Late P.P. Nanikutty Pisharassiar & Malathy Balakrishnan(Mumbai).

Samskaram today at Thiruvananthapuram.


12 thoughts on “P K Achuthan

  1. Heartfelt condolences and praying to all gods and goddesses to give him rest in peace. E.P.Raman from Secunderabad.

  2. He is the father in law of my CET, TVM Collegemate Shri.Unnikrishna Prasad(ex-FACT). Heartfelt Condolences to bereaved family.


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