Karunakaran A P

Attur Pisharath Karunakaran(Hari), 71 Yrs, expired today, 28,11-2020 morning at 7 am at his residence, E-204, Shree Chamunda Garden, Janu Patil Nagar, Kanchan Gaon, Near Manjunath College, Kambalpada, Dombivli (E) – 421 201, Mumbai.

Wife: Mayannur Chirankara Pisharath Radhalakshmi

Son: Uday
Daughter in Law: Remya

Siblings: Late Lakshmikutty Pisharasiar, Narayanan, Late Krishnan Kutty,Late Leela, Late Govindan Kutty, Vasudevan, Prasanna

Samskaram today at Dombivli at around 2 pm.


9 thoughts on “Karunakaran A P

  1. If the DATE is indicated instead of “today” , some of us reading the posts later, can have better clarity. (OR, the DATE can be noted at the bwginning of the post)..Thank you

  2. He wasy maternal cousin, my mother’s younger sister’s son. Acquainted with him since early boyhood. Greatly saddened by the news

  3. Our heartfelt condolences … May his soul join Vishnupadam… Hare Krishna 🙏 Rajagopal Sreedevi and Girija Bangalore


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