Mumbai Sakha 37th AGM

Mumbai Sakha’s 37th Annual General Meeting started today at 3.30 pm at  Model English School, Subham Karoti Bldg, Bhaji Prabhu Chowk, Near Railway Station, Dombivli (E) 421201.

President Shri. A P Raghupathi chaired the meeting.

President welcomed members to the meeting.

Meeting started with a Prayer by Kumari Arya Sasikumar.

Meeting also condoled the members who lost their near and dear during last one year.

Secretary Shri TV Maniprasad read the minutes of last AGM and meeting approved the same.

Secretary read the Governing Council report for last FY and meeting approved the same.

Hon. Treasurer read the accounts for last FY and meeting approved the same after due deliberations and clarifications from him.

Shri. K P Gopinathan, Dombivili was elected as Internal Auditor for 2019-20 and M/s Unnikrishnan & Co was appointed as Statutory auditors for 2019-20.

Meeting concluded with vote of thanks by Secretary and by singing National Anthem by the members.

Here are the live photos from Dombivli.




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