Pisharody Boy-Makam-Bangalore

Proposals are invited from parents of educated Pisharody girls for a Pisharody Boy, aged 27 years, height-168cms, M Tech, currently working as a Design Engineer in Bangalore based European Company.

Star- Makam in Mithunam. Interested parents may please contact 0096899702383/00918289945542, after checking horoscope match or respond through email: prabhapisharody@yahoo.com

ജനന വർഷം 1991 ജൂലൈ 14 നു പകൽ 4 മണി 55 മിനുട്ടിനു മകം നക്ഷത്രത്തിൽ ജനനം. 4-5-19-48 കേതു ശിഷ്ടം.


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