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Attoor Krishna Pisharody

A great Sanskrit scholar lived between 1867-1964. His most important  work is Sangeeta Chandrika , which gives an exposition of musical theory on a historical basis. It is in the form of sootra-s in Sanskrit, with elaborate commentary in Malayalam. Its  12 chapters deal with nada, sruti, swara, veena, grama moorcchana, mela, tala, varnaalankara, gamakasthayadi, prabandha, raga and geeta. The last chapter contains about 450 geeta-s, one for each raga, with their sahitya forming a continuous narrative on the Ramayana story. Some of his other works are following:  'Keralakadha', 'Puranapurushanmar', 'Neethimala', 'Dheeravratham', 'Vishavaidyasarasamgraham', 'Keralavarmaramayanam', 'Balarathnam', 'Leelathilakam', 'Laghuramayanam', 'Keralacharithram', 'Bhashasahityacharutha', 'Bhashayum Sahityavum', 'Vidyavivek`am'.

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Thrikkandiyoor Achutha Pisharody

An authority in Astronomy, Sanskrit grammar and Ayurveda, Achutha Pisharody lived between 1550-1621, in the period of Thunjath  Ezuthachan. He was the Preceptor (Guru) of Melpathur Narayana Bhattathirippad (Author of 'Narayaneeyam').


His major works are 'Goladeepika', 'Jathakabharanam', 'Horosarochayam', 'Karanothamam' in astronomy and 'Pravesakam' in on Sanskrit grammer.


Cherukadu Govinda Pisharody
Cherukad Govinda Pisharodi, known as 'Cherukad' was a great playwright and novelist, associated with the Communist movement. Some of his important works are 'Jeevithappatha', 'Tharavaditham', 'Manushyabandhangal', 'Namal Onnu', 'Manushya Hridayangal', 'Janma Bhoomi', 'Devalokam', 'Manninte Maril', "Muthassi"., "Sanidasa".  His autobiography "Jeevithappatha" received Kerala Sahithya Academy Award.

Born on August 26, 1914 to Kizheettil Pisharath Karunakara Pisharody & Cherukadu Pisharath Narayani Pisharasiar, he did his primary education from Guru Gopalanezhuthssan. Then did his further studies at Vallappuzha, Elankulam & Perintalmanna Board High school. He also learnt little bit of Ayurveda from Pulamanthole Moossu. He also passed Vidvan Examination and worked in many schools as teacher before joining Pattambi Sanskrit College as Lecturer.

Wife: Late Kizheettil Pisharath Lakshmi Pisharasiar. Expired on 28th October 1976.

Dr. (Lt. Col) K.N.Pisharody
He is the founder principal of Calicut Medical college He was also the chairman of Kerala Kalamandalam, President of Thiruvambady Devaswam and Thrissur Kathakali club.

Born in 1892 at Irinjalakkuda Kallankara Pisharam, he completed his school studies from Govt High School, Irinjalakkuda. He got his MBBS & MD Degrees from Madras Medical College and MRCP from England and did Military service during the 2nd World War.


Wife: Late Kattoor Pisharath Ammini Pisharasiar. Expired on 8th June 1972.

Former editor of the 'Malayala Manorama' daily and the chief editor of the women's magazine 'Vanitha'


Pazhayannoor Rama Pisharody
A  social reformer who has contributed to the welfare of other communities also.

Panditharathnam Prof. K.P Narayana Pisharody
A well known Sanskrit Scholar, author of many books like 'Bharata Muni's Natyasasthram', 'Srikrishnavilasam Kavyamparibhasha', 'Manideepam', 'Kumarasambhavam Vivarthanam', 'Subhadradhananjayam Koodiyattam', 'Kalyanasougandhikam Vyayogaparibhasha', 'Kalalokam', 'Ashokavanikankam Kootiyattam', 'Thoranayudham Kootiyattam', 'Ascharyachoodamani Vivarthanam', 'Kramadeepikayum Aattaprakaravum', 'Attoor'(Biography), 'Sruthimandalam',  'Svapnavasavadatha Paribhasha', ' Kesaveeyam - Sanskrit Paribhasha', 'Mahathyagi', 'Thunchath Aachryan'(Biography), 'Sreekrishnacharitham Manipravalam Vyakhyanam', 'Narayaneeyam Vanamala Vyakhyanam' etc.

Winner of 'Ezhuthachan Puraskaram''(The highest award constituted by Kerala Goverment for life time contributions to Malayalam language and literature) in 2000. Other awards are:

Sathithyanipunan (1967), Panthithathilankan (1969), Sahithyaratnam (1983) Panditharatnam (1983) C B Kumar Award by Kerala Sahithya Academy(1989), Vidyavichakshanan (1991),Ramasram Award (1991), Adikavi Puraskaram (1992) ,Narayneeya Kulapathi (1993) Prasident's Award for Sanskrit Scholar (1993), Pandithakulapathi (1993), Kerala Sahithya Academy Award (1993), Deviprasadam Award (1993),  Swadesi Shasthrapuraskaram (1994), Kerala Kalamandalam's Mukundarajasmrithi Puraskaram (1995), Srisankara Puraskaram (1995), Kendra Sahithya Academy Award (1995), Panditahasiromani (1997) Vachaspathi (1999) M K K Nair Award (1999), Lal Bahadur Sastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha's Mahamahopadhyaya (2000), Honorary doctorate from the Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady (2001).


He was born on 23rd August 1909 to Kodikkunnath Pisharath Narayanikkutti Pisharasiar and Pudusseri Manackal Pasupathi Namboothiri. He had his initial education in Gurukula Style  under his uncle Andala Sekhara Pisharody. Completed higher studies from Sarasvathodini Sanskrit Mahapathasala and got Sahithyasiromani and Malyalam Vidvan degrees from Madras University. Then started the career as a Teacher in various institutions including Madhura American College, Thrisur Kerala Varma College, Koxzhikkode Adarsa Samskritha Vidyapeetham, Thrisur Chinamaya Mission College.


He was editor of Thulaseedalam and Bhakthapriya Magazines.


Wife: Late Arangott Pisharath Pappikkutti Pisharasiar.


Prof. P.R.Pisharody
A great Meteorologist of international repute and was widely acknowledged as the one who introduced remote sensing in India. Recipient of Padmasri in 1970 and Gold medal from World Metrological Organization in 1989. He was disciple of Prof C V Raman. Author of  X-Ray, Monsoon and Biography of Dr. C V Raman. He was the founder director of Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, National Physical Research Laboratory-Ahmedabad, National Remote Sensing Agency.

Born on 10th February 1909 to Kollankott Perum Trikkovil Pisharath Lakshmi Pisharasiar and Gopala Vadhyar, he  completed his early education in Kerala. Having done his Physics BA honours from St. Joseph's College, Trichinopoly, Madras state, he went on to do his MA (Physics) from Madras University. He then proceeded to work as a college lecturer in Physics at Chennai during 1932-1941. During the summer vacations he used to work under Prof. C. V. Raman at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. On being recommended by Raman, Pisharoty joined the India Meteorological Department in 1942. There he carried out research on thunderstorms, western disturbances, movement of monsoon depressions, orographic rain, etc. He then joined the University of California for further studies where he worked under renowned meteorologist Jacob Bjerknes. His published two reports titled Some aspects of geostrophic poleward sensible heat and The kinetic energy of the atmosphere. He obtained his MS (in Meteorology) and PhD degrees by 1954.

Click here to read the Profile of Prof. P R Pisharody published in the Oct 06 issue of magazine 'One India One People' under the category of "Great Indians" who have contributed to the betterment of India  in the area of freedom struggle, politics, science, technology, theatre, music...

Click here to read the write up by Shri. Vishnu Narayanan Namboodiri featuring Late Prof. P R Pisharody appeared in Matrubhumi Daily on 10th October 2007.

Mundur Krishnankutty
Well known short story writer. Recipient of 'Cherukad Award' in 1996 for his famous work 'Nilapisuckulla Rathriyil' , 'Sahitya Academy Award' in 1997 for 'Aswasathinte Manthracharadu' and 'Odakkuzhal Award' for 'Enne Veruthe Vittalum'.

Born on 17th July 1935 , son of Mundur Anupurath Pisharath Madhavi Pisharasiar and M P Govinda Pisharody, he secured M A in English Literature and then passed B. Ed. He started writing during his college days and got his works published in all leading malayalam magazines. Widely appreciated for the vivid portrayal of rural life, had penned one novel and innumerable short stories. His stories are renowned for their realistic portrayal of life in Palakkad villages, focusing on the transformational crisis of an agrarian society

For a long period he was a tutor and principal at Teachers Training institute.  Of late, Krishnakutty had acted in many Malayalam TV serials and was appreciated for his performances.

Wife: Karalam Kainila Pisharath Late Radha Pisharasiar. He passed away on 4th June 2005.









N N Pisharody

N N Pisharody , born 1926 , was a legendary director in the Malayalam Film industry. He was born into  ‘Kallil’ Pisharam in Methala, near Perumbavoor in Kerala. He completed his schooling in Paravoor and then was graduated in Economics from Serhampur, Bengal. He was an avid reader always and appreciated the nuances of literature. His first short story was published in the weekly 'Prasanna Keralam' from Kottayam when he was studying in high school. Since then, his stories have regularly appeared in many weeklies.

One of his first of his short stories was published in the weekly Prasanna Keralam from Kottayam, when he was studying in high school. From then on, his stories had appeared regularly in many of the weeklies.

The deceased editor of Kaumudi, K Balakrishnan lead him to writing novels; the first one named 'Kure Swapnangal, Kure Vanambadigal' (Lot of dreams, Lot of nightingales) was published in Kaumudi weekly. Later on most of the magazines like Janayugam, Navayugam, Keralashabdam, Chithrapournnami, Express (Weekly), Mathrubhoomi (Weekly) frequently published his novels. During his career, he wrote 17 novels,of which 8 have been printed as books. One of the novels 'Vellam' (Water) has even inspired a movie.

He took a break from writing to try his hand in the film industry where he found a new platform to tell his stories. His long association with film industry lasted 30 years. Starting as an assistant director for Tamil - Telugu movies in Newton Studios, he later distinguished himself as a producer, director and scriptwriter. His directorial debut, 'Ninamaninja Kalpadugal', which portrays the trials the Indo-China war, won 4 awards including the President's Silver medal for best regional film, and the award for 'The Best Director'. He directed about 6 movies and produced 2 movies on his own. He wrote the screen play and directed 4 episodes of 'Aithihyamala' for Doordarshan. He also directed a tele-film titled 'Kudajadri'.

Recently he took up writing again for the Mathrubhoomi weekly - a story titled 'Aandal Puram Pogum Vazhi' (Enroute to Aandal Puram). Shree Books, Aluwa has published this story as a book. He also wrote the screen play for about 40 dramatic plays for Aakashavani Thrissoor. He wrote screenplays for the following too - 'Hiranya Garbham', 'Sarppa Sathram', 'Ivideyo Naalathe Sooryodayam', 'Vishathan Kaavilinnarattu' - each of these plays were meant for various art groups. He died on 30 August 2008.

Kalamandalam Vasu Pisharody
a well known Kathakali artist, expertise is in the characters like Nalan ('Pacha') and Bahukan ('Pacha') in 'Nalacharitham', Ravanan ('Kathi') in 'Udbhavam' and 'Bali Vijayam', Keechakan ('Kathi') in 'Keechaka Vadham', Narakasuran ('Kathi') in 'Narakasura Vadham', Brahmanan ('Minukku') in 'Santhanagopalam', and Prasuraman ('Minukku') etc.

Kalamandalam Vasu Pisharody was born on Aug 15, 1943 in Palakkad District. His father was T.P.Rakhava Pisharody and mother was M.P.Lakshmikutti Pisharasyar. His primary education is upto 7th.

He learned Kathakali after his 7th in Kerala Kalalayam, Ottapalam under Kalamandalam Balakrishnan Nair for 1 year. Later he joined P.S.V. Natyasangham for 3 years and in Kerala Kalamandalam for 6 years under Padmasree Vazhenkada Kunchu Nair. Has practised also under Ramankutty Nair and Padmanabhan Nair from Kerala Kalamandalam. He continued his education for 2 years there with the Scholarship of Central Govt. He finished his studies in 1969 and worked there as teacher in temporary post till 1979. During that time he worked also in the 'Kalaries' managed by Guruvayoor Kathakali Club as teacher. From 1979 to 1999 he worked as teacher and Head of the Department of Kathakali Vesham, in Kerala Kalamandalam and retired on 1999 March.

Wife P.Sbhadra